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Kan - Cozumel is a group of friends and volunteers who strongly believe we kan make the difference in dog & cat welfare in Cozumel Island. Every year we organice large free spay and neuter clinics in schools and other facilities. We have done this in Cozumel Island, Tizimín and Colonia Yucatán. We rescue dogs and find them loving homes. We offer financial support for families that cannot cover their pets veterinary expenses when they get sick or injured.


We are currently searching for a place to rent in Emiliano Zapata or 10 de Abril neighborhood to open our permanent free spay and neuter clinic.


We are thankful to receive monetary and in kind donations, as well as slightly used clothes and home items that we can sell on our regular garage sales.


No location at the moment.


Thank you for your messaje!

We will contact you soon!

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