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Next spay and neuter in Cozumel
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Dogs are incredible animals and deserve to be respected. They deserve to live happy and loved, free of pain, hunger, thirst, desease and many of the hardships they endure nowadays in the streets of our communities.

Our rescues come from Cozumel Island and from little towns in the Yucatán peninsula where we organize spay and neuter campaigns. 


Most of the little towns in the Yucatán Peninsula lack basic veterinary services which results in poor health conditions, overdue or complete lack of care for wounds or diseases, where in many cases the dog's pain and distress are prolonged. Their families and empathic neighbors feel helpless when they have a dog or cat in need. 

We are still a very small organization, taking a maximum of 7 to 9 cases at the same time, but we do our best to care for those within our reach. We do not have a shelter yet, and rely entirely of foster homes. 

We cannot do it alone, we need your support. We invite you to join their journeys. 



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Spay and neuter is an inexpensive and very efficient strategy to reduce the amount of dogs and cats born in high risk situations (high abandonment rates, low income, neglect and cruelty). 

Our Spay and Neuter campaigns are held mostly on small towns in the Yucatán Peninsula, where pet population is out of control and communities are desperate to find solutions. Our campaign's capacity range from 30 animals to 300 in a couple of days. 

Our veterinarians are experienced surgeons using minimal invasion techniques, we use good quality materiales like PDS and vycril sutures, sterile gloves, sterile surgical cloths, and overall try to keep the quality of the surgery and the experience for both the pet and the owner to our highest standards. 


Spaying or Neutering a dog or cat is way cheaper than rescuing, almost 80% cheaper! And its not only cost efective, it spares the pain, the suffering, the hunger of animals that don't stand a chance in this world. 

Your donation makes a difference in a whole town, it makes a difference for a family of low income, and for a homeless dog or cat. 

Donate, change a life

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Cozumel Pet Friendly Guide

Are you visiting Cozumel with your dog? 

Take a look at the restaurants, beach clubs and hotels that will welcome them like another member of the family. 

Including important pet services like english speaking veterinarians and other services like pet sitting, pet photography and pet hotels. 

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