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Max is still in the process of recovery, but we are not waisting time and are already looking for a family who can adopt him. 


Max belonged to Ms. Eva's grandson, but unfortunately he abandoned Max with Ms. Eva when he had to move out of the house. We say abandoned because Ms. Eva and his husband are quite old and sick and can't properly car for Max or Muñeca (Max's mother). 


A good neighbor reported to us the poor state of health of Muñeca and Max and we came to help Ms. Eva to take care of the dogs, providing them with quality food, veterinary attention, testing, deworming and vitamins. 


We took Max to our clinic to have surgery for his Cherry Eye and has spent aproximately 10 days with us. 


During those 10 days Max has gained weight every day, looking chubbier and healthier each day. He has shown us that he is a very good boy, poops and pees outside of the clinic, doesnt chew anything, he is playful and greets everyone with love. 


Max deserves a loving family that will care and love him, so we dont have to return him to Ms. Eva's home where he lives permanently chained in the outside with not much love. 




😁  Temperament: Friendly, calmed, curious, a bit sassy. 

💃  Energy: medium. 

👧  Children Friends: Not tested yet. 

🐶  Dog Friends: Yes, needs a bit more socializing. 

🐱  Cat friends: Respects them, feels a bit curiosity. 

🥘  Resource guarding: No.

📣  Bark/noisy: No.

🏡  Housebroken: Yes.

🛋  Shedder: Yes

📦  Crate trained: Good

⛓ Leash etiquette: Ok. 

🚙 Good in car: Not tested, always travels inside kennel. 


Max can travel internationally to be adopted. 


If you think that you want Max in your life please send us a message on social media or to our email


If you want to support Max and our work, we kindly accept donations to cover his food and monthly expenses until he is adopted. 


Thank you!


Received treatment for: + Erlichia + Skin infections + Cherry Eye




  • June 2019 / 4 years 

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