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Yogo is a wonderful dog. He is confident, athletic and affectionate. 


Yogo loves to exercise. You can tell he is very happy when riding by the side of her fosters bicycle or when running around a big field. He can also ride along the skate board, swim and play fetch, among other cool activities.


Despite those strong muscles, Yogo is a sweetheart and has a calm demeanor. He loves people and people loves him back. A stranger is his friend in 3 miliseconds, and he knows exactly what to do to get the best petting on his favorite spots.


He is a great at cuddling, kissing and being adorable.


Yogo is not a barker, he can be unbothered by strange or loud noises from the outside. 


As any athletic dog, he needs exercise and mental stimulation at least every couple of days. If you don’t, Yogo will literally go to your closet, pull out a shoe and bring it to you!


His ideal family or person should have previous dog experience. Yogo currently lives in harmony with 4 other dogs, two tiny and two big ones. But he needs proper introductions with new dogs. *No cats, he will chase them and try to play with them.*


If he doesnt get excersice or enough stimulation, as any athletic dog, he will get bored and might chew something or be cranky and mouth and growl at his dogs siblings if they get too excited and invading his space. 
His family should be commited and informed. 


He has been around kids of aproximately 3 years old and behaves very good. Yogo is very confident and doesnt get scared with sudden movements or loud noises, he could be great with teens too.


Yogo would be perfect with an active family that has experience with athletic dogs. We think Yogo could thrive if he practices a sport on a regular basis.




😁  Temperament: Athletic, friendly, confident, adventurous.

💃  Energy: high.

👧  Children Friends: Yes

🐶  Dog Friends: Yes, needs proper introduction with strange dogs.

🐱  Cat friends: No. Chases them.

🥘  Resource guarding: No.

📣  Bark/noisy: No.

🏡  Housebroken: Yes.

🛋  Shedder: Yes

📦  Crate trained: Good

⛓ Leash etiquette: Great.

🚙 Good in car: Great!


Rescue Story


Yogo checked himself (was unaccompanied) at a little town’s spay and

neuter campaign in the Yucatan Peninsula.


After surgery Yogo was released, with the hope that he would go home. Instead, he decided to stay in the clinic’s ground and hang around the volunteers, attendees and other animals. 

As it was getting late, we asked around to the neighbors if they knew where Yogo’s home was, with no success. No one knew if he had a family, most had only seen Yogo in town recently. 

He was clearly abandoned. We couldn't leave a friend there by himself, so we decided he would be traveling with us back home to Cozumel Island.


Yogo can be adopted internationally.


If you think that you want Yogo in your life please send us a message on social media or to our email


If you want to support Yogo and our work, we kindly accept donations to cover his food and monthly expenses until he is adopted. You can donate to paypal


Thank you!


Received treatment for: + Erlichia + Skin infections + Sun burns




  • June 2019 / 4 years 

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