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Spay and neuter

Spay and neuter is a powerful and efficient strategy to reduce the amount of dogs and cats born in high risk situations (high abandonment rates, low income, neglect and cruelty). 

Kan's ground team is very experienced having organized and participated on more than 20 spay and neuter campaigns for other organizations. 


Our team is organizing Spay and Neuter campaigns of 100+ pets in towns on the mainland that are having serious trouble managing their roaming and growing pet populations. 

our numbers until today

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With this option we avoid fees. 

Our next campaign:


Cozumel / April 22 & 23, 2023

This will be our 5th campaign as Kan Cozumel. 

Our goal is to do 350 to 400 FREE surgeries available to anyone who needs it, but we will also be focusing on one of the poorest and busiest neighborhoods of Cozumel "Emiliano Zapata", where the campaign will be held. 

We need your support. One surgery spares suffering to hundreds and thousands of dogs and cats that otherwise would be born into the streets and unprepared homes. 

A $10 dollar donation can sponsor 1 or 2 cats, and $20 dollar donation can sponsor a dog. Every dollar and peso counts! 

Thank you for your support!

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Previous campaigns

Tizimín / April 23 & 24, 2022

305 surgeries performed at low cost in Tizimín. 

In this campaign 10 surgeons participated from Mérida, Cancún & Sisal, along with volunteers from Cozumel, Colonia Yucatán and Canada! 

The local volunteers of Tizimín did an outstanding job providing an excellent service to the dogs, cats and their families.  

The support of Lisa and Jennifer from Canada was crucial for the funding of the campaign! 


Colonia Yucatán / Feb 16, 2022

28 low cost surgeries.


It was a small campaign of half day, 3 surgeons and 10 volunteers. 


Tizimín, Yucatán / Sep 25 & 26, 2021

With a team of 10 surgeons and more than 30 volunteers we 

succeded at sterelizing 305 dogs and cats at low cost for their 



During this campaign we received the support of the local 

government of Tizimín that lended us a great space as well as 

accomodation and meals for the volunteers. 


Colonia Yucatán, June 2021

175 dogs and cats were sterelized for free during the 2 day campaign. 

For this first Kan Campaign we collaborated with two mainland ngo's: 

Mi Amigo de la Calle and Planned Pethood International Mexico. 

Neighbors from Colonia contacted us to set up a s/n campaign because

the over population of pets was being "controlled" with massive poisoning, where even own pets were being poisoned inside their homes. 

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