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Sponsor a Dog's Journey to Canada

Cozumel is a small island in the caribbean. Unfortunately, there arent enough homes for all the rescue dogs, and specially with covid, many homes abandoned their pets due to a lack of food and funds. 

Some of our KANines are able to travel to Canada where they are rehomed by our Canadian friends.

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With this option we avoid fees. 

Rescued in Cozumel, adopted in Canada


A $ 200 USD donation covers the vetting and expenses of one dog's journey from Cozumel to Canada.

From veterinary costs like vaccinations, dewormings, cbc, tvt tests, spay and neuter, tests for heartworm, erlichia, anaplasm, lyme and distemper, teeth cleaning, and more. 

To travel expenses to take them from Cozumel to Cancun airport like: ferry costs, transports in peers, transport to and from airport in private van, and more. 

All this thanks to you! 

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