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Meet the dogs!

All our dogs receive full vaccination and deworm, as well as test for heartworm, erlichia, anaplasm, lyme and tvt. 

They receive monthly preventives for ticks, fleas and heartworm. 

Each rescue process costs us a little fortune, but it doesnt compare to the price the dogs pay when abandoned and on the streets. 

Your donation helps us give another chance to these dogs.


With this option we avoid fees. 

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Date of rescue: June 27, 2021

Found on a road in the middle of nowhere, between Tizimín and the Yucatan coast, during our spay and neuter in Colonia Yucatan. In the bones, with a severe skin infection.


If he stayed there he had a guaranteed and slow death. Dr. Carolina Ancona made the necessary arrangements so that we could bring him to Cozumel.


Everything hurt the poor dog, he had already given up on life. But he didn't need much (baths, food, love, medicines) to return to his happy puppy state.


Casimiro is now in a temporary home with other puppies and a kitten. He's a bit protective of his home, and you have to correct it when he growls at other puppies on his first encounter, but outside of that he's a pretty puppy loave.


Receiving treatment for: + Heartworm + Anaplasma + Erlichia + Skin infection + Ear infection

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Date of rescue: June 27, 2021

This pup arrived alone to the sterilization campaign of Colonia Yucatán in June 2021. After being sterilized and released, Yogo decided to stay around within the Campaign.


He was full of scars, all over his little body. He is missing a piece of ear and has a scar quite a bit on his head on the edge of his right ear. We thought he was aggressive and that's why he has so many scars. But, while he was in the campaign, he approached other puppies in a very friendly way. 


Yogo quickly conquered the hearts of several volunteers of the Campaign and it was decided to give him the opportunity to leave the street and carry out his rescue process in Cozumel.


After a few weeks of being in a temporary home living with a cat and 4 other puppies, we have realized that Yogo is not agressive, he was the victim of other attacks.


Receiving treatment for: + Erlichia + Skin infections + Sun burns



Date of rescue: April 19, 2021

Coco, the savior of her brothers. They ran over her a day before we could rescue them, and thanks to her fracture we were forced to take them all off the street. We couldn't allow anything else to happen to any of her brothers. Her broken leg cost us $6,000 pesos, but it was worth it. We received excellent attention from Dr. Ivan and his team at Oasis Animal and now Coco runs and leads a happy life. She's a little barking, she'll use her voice to express herself, especially to express that she doesn't like to be locked up. She has a high energy. Her ideal family is a family that takes her for a walk every day without fail, and that includes her in adventures such as going to restaurants, parks, beaches, and everything they can think of.

Receiving treatment for: + Erlichia + Heartworm + Femur surgery



Date of rescue: January 13, 2022

Receiving treatment for: ringworm. 



Date of rescue: June 27, 2021
*Community rescue 

Receving treatment for:  +heartworm 



Date of rescue: April 19, 2021

*Community rescue 

Receiving treatment for:

+ Heartworm