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The dogs from Mr. Luis


Abandoned twice... we will make sure it does not happen


Mr. Luis is a loving, older man, who lived in a shack on a neighborhood that became popular for dumping unwanted dogs.

Mr. Luis, despite having so little for himselve, took in each of the dogs that arrived abandoned, gave them little bits of food and lots of love. 

Tragically, Mr. Luis's health deteriorated greatly and he left the island leaving 13 dogs behind. 


For what we know, before leaving he tried to ask for help

without much success. 


Kan was contacted by a local rescuer that had been feeding them for a month since Mr. Luis left. Our hands were full at the moment, just like all the other animal welfare organizations on the island, but when we saw the heartbreaking scene, we had to do everything in our power to help these sweet dogs. 

From the 13 dogs that Mr. Luis left behind, we only found 6.

One by one they disappeared. We hope they are ok. 

Wero, Chiquitín, Vaquita, Coffee, Boca Negra and Coco

where still there. 


Poor Coco was limping and in pain. Unfortunately her X Rays

show a ligament fracture and small bone fissure. 
Coco will need surgery. 

All the dogs went to a safe temporary home until they are

cleared to go to foster home and then be ready for adoption. 

During the intake testings we discovered that: 

-All 6 dogs are positive for anaplasm, a tick born disease that

weakens them, among many other risks. The treatment takes

about 30 days, and costs around $25 USD for each dog. 

-Three dogs are positive for Heartworm, a mosquito transmitted

disease that if untreated it is mortal. The treatment takes about

2 months, and costs around $150 USD for each dog. 

-Poor poor Coco is positive for anaplasm, heartworm and she

has the ligament fracture. Her surgery will cost around $300 USD.

These dogs have been abandoned twice, left to their own luck on the dangerous street. And they still smile and love humans. We will not abandon them for the 3rd time.. with your support, we will make sure they are healthy

dogs like they deserve, and we will find them loving homes where they will be loved, respected and cared for, for

the rest of their lives. 

Will you join their journey? 

No donation is small, because it comes from the heart.

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